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mulch / weed control

Mulching & Weed Control

Adding mulch not only defines your beds but also helps protect your plants by insulating them against changing temperatures. In the summer, mulch ensures your plant roots are kept cool and moist and in the winter, it keeps them warm and defended against frost. Mulching is especially important in the fall, when new plantings are still tender and vulnerable to weather changes.

We offer a variety of mulch types and colors to ensure you get the right look for your home and we only use the best quality materials, so you never have to worry about subpar results.

Weed management in landscaped areas is made difficult by the complexity of many plantings. Landscapes can include turfgrass, bedding plants, herbaceous perennials, shrubs, and trees. Usually, more than one species is planted in the landscaped area, and there is often a mix of annual and perennial ornamentals. The great variety of ornamental species, soil types, irrigation systems, slopes, and use of mulches creates the need for a variety of weed management options.

Let our Kristell Landscaping experts provide a solution and maintenance plan that is tailored to your property specifically.

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